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Hello, My Name is Aryan.

I am a Jaipur based Freelance Photographer, specialising in Travel, Landscape and People Photography. I also have a mild obsession of shooting Architecture. Currently I’m working on commissions in India and abroad shooting images for magazines, travel guides and business publications.

I approach photography with a romantic, fine art sensibility. My imagery is understated yet evocative, resulting from clear and polished creative direction that elicits light-filled, Paintings. My use of fresh and simple composition has evolved from a deep love and respect for the old masters – Cartier Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Michael Kenna and  the great Ansel Adams, of course. I am a fiercely dedicated photographer and my creative process is imaginative, industrious and detailed. In each capture, I aim for perfection and beauty. My clients describe my work as “Painterly,” “Nuanced,” “Refined”.

I also have an active role in educating beginners about the art and craft of  photography.

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